ADAPT Providing an alternative to incarceration for repeat drug offenders

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conocer personas de austria ADAPT (Drug Court Services Alcohol & Drug Addiction Partnership for Treatment) is a partnership between the Hamilton County Drug Court, the Central Community Health Board of Hamilton County, Inc. (CCHB), Talbert House, and other community treatment providers. As the primary treatment providers for the Drug Court of Hamilton County, the ADAPT for Men/Women (Talbert House) and ADAPT Outpatient (CCHB) programs provide a substance abuse treatment continuum for non-violent felony drug offenders as an alternative to conviction and/or incarceration.

optionfair demokonto ADAPT treatment providers, the Hamilton County Drug Court, drug court probation officers, and attorneys work together closely to monitor and encourage the success of participants.  Participants attend court hearings to discuss their progress with the Judge, as reported by the treatment team and probation, at least monthly for the duration of the drug court program.  Participants are typically eligible to successfully graduate from drug court after 12 to 18 months in the program, depending upon their individual needs and progress.


CCHB ADAPT Outpatient is the primary provider of outpatient substance abuse treatment for Hamilton County Drug Court program participants.  ADAPT Outpatient provides a continuum of outpatient substance use disorder treatment services including both intensive and non-intensive outpatient levels of care.  Available services include group, individual, conjoint, and family counseling, case management (including linkage to mental health, housing, medical, and dental services when needed), frequent random drug testing, vocational/educational assistance as needed, and linkage to community self-help recovery support groups.

The ADAPT Outpatient program utilizes trauma-informed, gender-specific, cognitive-behavioral substance abuse treatment approaches and curricula for all therapeutic services provided.  These approaches and curricula are evidence-based, providing the services found to be most effective through years of research at helping clients remain sober long-term and lead healthy, pro-social lifestyles.

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