Crisis Stabilization

Crisis stabilization is a 24 hour, short term residential program.

Crisis Stabilization Center

Crisis stabilization is a 24 hour, short term residential program that offers the client and family a “cooling off” period from a particular crisis. This short term intervention is designed to enable crisis stabilization staff an opportunity to make good, appropriate assessments and interventions that may prevent a longer out of home disruption.

Admission Criteria
• Crisis Stabilization Center will accept all referrals made by Mental Health Access Point who are a resident of Hamilton County and contract services of surrounding counties.
• Must enter the program voluntarily
• Exhibiting psychotic behaviors or are incipiently psychotic.
• Separation from the family is required in order to stabilize the immediate crisis within a 7 – 21 day period

The program will not treat individuals who are:
• Intoxicated from drugs or alcohol
• Actively violent or having a recent history of significant acting-out behavior
• Only in need of housing

Contact Info

3007 Vernon Place,
Cincinnati, OH 45219


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Hours of Operation

Crisis Admissions 24 hours / 7 day