HIV Early Prevention and Intervention Project

watch The focus of EPIP is training and education to identified patient groups and chemical dependency treatment staff

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The HIV Early Prevention and Intervention Project is a collaborative service of CCHB and the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center. EPIP staff outreaches to, educates and supports indigenous community members, consumers and staff of mainstream, community based and grassroots organizations on the issues of HIV/AIDS prevention.

Contact Info Jerry Bedford
Educator/Outreach Worker and Pozitive Soulz Support Group Facilitator
513-559-2940 Debbie Burstion
Educator/Outreach Worker and  Women’s Services Specialist
513-559-2030 Marco Trujillo
Bi-Lingual Educator/Outreach Worker and Hispanic Community Liaison

here Sandra Driggins-Smith
Program Director and Naaman’s Retreat Support Group Facilitator